MacOS High Sierra on Corsair One Pro

No longer need the Macbook Pro 😁

Why do I do this:

  1. Macbook Pros tend to have very loud fan noise when processing basic tasks while connecting to multiple external monitors. This has been my pain points for years now, even with the Macbook Pro 15 (AMD R9 M370X). There is not much I can do about it if I want to keep my current Mac and not spending a ton of more money.
  2. GPU power has never been a strong feature when it comes to Macs. I don’t want to spend over US$5000 to get a Mac with the graphic power I can get for just US$1350.
  3. I already got a Corsair One Pro for my gaming needs, and keeping the two is just too inconvenient and costly.

Specs :

Corsair One Pro 7700K GTX 1080(SKU CS-9000007-NA)
The outcome


My BIOS setup (MSI z270 / z270i):

  1. Restore to default BIOS
  2. Legacy USB Support -> Auto
  3. Fast Boot -> Disabled
  4. Secure Boot Support -> Disabled
  5. Resume By USB Device -> Enabled


[Fixed] “Error loading kernel cache (0x9)” and “Couldn’t allocate runtime area” when booting

Self Notes:

  • In OS X’s Disk Utilities, always Chose View -> Show All Devices and manipulate the Physical Disks, not the Volumes
  • Install it on an external SSD turned out to be working great for me (USB-C port worked out of the box + if there is any boot problem I can just plug in a Macbook Pro with Clover Config Installed). Plus there is virtually no differences between the External SSD Drive Speed and my old Macbook Pro’s internal SSD.
  • Must boot with nv_disable=1 until you have installed the web drivers.
  • MultiBeast drivers must be chosen carefully (if your Hackintosh already got its Ethernet working, not choosing to install Intel Ethernet at the last step will break it, but do not chose everything)
    Edit: I ended up cleaning my EFI folders to only include what absolutely necessary, that’s the only way I could achieve a much more stable system, might as well not using MultiBeast / Unibeast in the first place.
  • Use Clover Configurator to setup some default boot settings (e.g always enable Verbose) and to mount EFI folders from your drive. EFI is needed in a drive in order to be boot up. This contains all drivers (kext) and settings (config.plist) too.
  • Turn OFF Auto Update from your System Preferences -> App Store
  • Mobo’s Intel Wifi: Not supported ☹️, no luck there. However, my cheap Wifi Dongle (happened to be using Realtek RTL8192EU) works with the following driver
  • GSync or High Refresh Rate monitors: Supported!
    Edit: i turned GSync off after realizing that it could cause random freeze and it’s really not necessary to have when I’m not playing games on the mac anyway :).
G-Sync works with NVIDIA Driver!
Sweet baby 100 hz refresh rate 😏
  • Bluetooth: Works (strangely!)
Somehow Bluetooth is recognized as USB Device 🧐
  • Back Ups— Time Machine: Works Perfectly, even for migrating from My Macbook Pro drive into my Hackintosh drive
  • Back Ups — SuperDuper!: Time Machine won’t give me bootable drives, and in some cases, it is critical to have a clone that you can mess things up / test things around. I decided to use SuperDuper! (free version) to just copied the entire drive into a cheap external drive and also made sure it’s bootable.
  • GeekBench (no overclock):
Single Core: 5859 — Multi Core: 20227 — OpenCL Score: 169214
  • Cinebench R15
OpenGL at 121fps and CPU at 980cb while maintaining 4.2Ghz (non OC) at max 81 °C. This is way better comparing to the latest i9 Macbook Pro 😂
  • Deep Learning: Nope, looks like I need to install CUDA driver in some special way. Too lazy to do it as of now.



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